Standard and Custom Reports

Available WEX reports include standard and custom options to track activity, flag misuse and help you keep expenses in check. Report data can be downloaded as PDF files, or exported and brought into most major bookkeeping and accounting software.

Purchase Activity Report

Compile fuel and maintenance purchases made with your WEX card — for all of your vehicles, or a specific number.

Sample report

Premium Custom Reports

Set your own criteria to create custom Exception, Transaction Summary, and Transaction Deal reports. Export these reports directly into your own spreadsheet to easily analyze and share data.

Summary Reports

Use our Financial Summary, Site Summary, and Exception Summary Reports to manage your vehicle-related expenses and plan your budget.

Tax Exemption Reports

For qualified tax-exempt businesses, these monthly report packages provide tax information at both the transaction and summary level, and include all tax exemptions that can be applied to your account under our program.

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