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Save time and money with the WEX Fuel Card for small businesses.

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The WEX Fuel Card = one less thing to worry about.

Put the manila folder down and step away slowly. The WEX Fuel Card makes it dramatically easier to track and control fuel expenses, while giving the information needed to make better business decisions for you and your employees.

Apply for Fuel Card or call: 800-395-0812

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100% visibility for total spending transparency

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Accepted at 90% of gas stations nationwide

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Save up to 15% in fuel management costs*

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Automatic expense alerts and one-step, paperless reporting

*Actual savings may vary. Card acceptance is subject to individual operator or owner participation and is subject to change without notice.

Accepted at a gas station near you.

Fuel up no matter where business takes you. WEX cards are accepted at 90% of gas stations nationwide, and an additional 45,000 maintenance locations.

Our company has grown a lot since opening.

Ever since the beginning, WEX has been with us.

WEX helps take care of our fuel needs and makes our fleet run smoothly so we don't have to worry.

Tarheel Basement Systems

Before switching to WEX, my company spent $8,000-$10,000 a month on gas.

Using WEX has lowered our monthly costs by 40-50%.

The bill is so easy to read, and makes it easy to tell if an employee is misusing their card.

GMH Associates, Manufacturing

Bring WEX along for the ride.

At WEX, we know that small business owners have enough to worry about without tracking down last month’s fuel receipts. That’s why we want to make it a little simpler to run your business—and save you time and money while we do.

Join over 300,000 businesses saving and fueling with WEX.