WEX fuel cards are smarter than a credit card, safer than cash

WEX FlexCard

WEX FlexCard

Fuel savings + flexible payments

The easiest way to start saving, with a special 3¢/gal rebate and no setup, annual, or card fees.* Pay in full or carry a balance when cash flow is tight.

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WEX Fleet Card

WEX Fleet Card

Powerful tools + exclusive discounts

The best way to drive real savings, with automatic fuel accounting and easy spending controls — plus available discounts on fuel, auto parts, hotels and more.

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More than a fuel card — a business solution

Keep an eye on the money

  • Know who spends what, where and when
  • Capture useful, detailed info for each transaction
  • Use simple online and mobile tools

Stop wasteful spending

  • Limit card use by amount, time of day and more
  • Set spending limits by card or employee
  • Driver PINs help prevent misuse

We do the paperwork

  • Automatic fuel accounting and expense tracking
  • No need to collect employee fuel receipts
  • Easy one-click reporting

Which WEX card is right for you?

Compare WEX fleet fuel cards, then choose the best one for your business.

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Do you need a fleet card?

More businesses than ever use WEX cards to control fuel expenses. Here’s why.

Fleet Card FAQ

Everything you need to know about WEX fleet fuel cards.