WEX fuel cards are smarter than credit cards and safer than cash

WEX fuel cards offer rebates up to 3¢ per gallon, plus access to discounts to help you save money on other business expenses.† The savings go beyond the fuel pump when you use a WEX fleet fuel card.
WEX FlexCard

WEX FlexCard

Fleet fuel savings + flexible payments

The easiest way to start saving, with a special 3¢/gal rebate and no setup, annual, or card fees.* Pay in full or carry a balance when cash flow is tight.

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WEX Fleet Card

WEX Fleet Card

Rebates, tools + exclusive discounts

Fuel your business with rebates up to 3¢ per gallon, automatic fuel accounting and spending controls, plus available discounts on auto parts, hotels and more.†

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A fleet fuel card is a business solution

Keep your eye on the money

  • Know who spends what, where and when
  • Capture detailed information for each transaction
  • Simple online tools and mobile app

Stop wasteful spending

  • Limit transactions by amount, time of day and more
  • Set spending limits by card or employee
  • Driver PINs help prevent misuse

We do the paperwork

  • Automatic fuel accounting and expense tracking
  • No need to collect employee fuel receipts
  • Easy one-click reporting

Which WEX card is right for you?

Compare WEX fleet fuel cards and choose the best one for your business.

Fuel Cards and Fleet Card Apps Optimize Expense Reporting

Fleet card apps allow you to see who is spending what and where. They allow you to control funds.

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Three Tools that Help Reduce Fuel Costs for Your Fleet Vehicles

Fleet cards, GPS and mobile apps help reduce fuel costs through fuel rebates, spending controls, automated fuel expense tracking and vehicle-specific data.

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Use Telematics and Fleet Cards to Train Better Drivers

Combining telematics with a fleet card gives fleet managers the tools to train safe and efficient drivers.

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Reasons to choose a WEX fleet fuel card over credit cards or cash

Purchase control

With a WEX fleet card, you can control each transaction by fuel type, fuel location, time of day, or day of the week. You can even set spending limits to curb unnecessary purchases.

Mobile app for drivers

Our mobile app gives drivers more control than credit cards or cash can provide. With information that includes the fuel discounts at nearby fuel locations, drivers can find the best prices on diesel and gas.

Data in real-time and transaction information

Fleet cards give you up-to-the-minute reporting on fuel usage across your organization. With detailed transaction information, you know how much is being spent and where. Generate custom reports with details like fuel and maintenance purchases for your entire fleet or certain

Save time with automated reporting

When you switch to a WEX fleet card, you can eliminate fuel purchases from employee expense reports

With a fleet card expense reporting is easy, and purchase controls help eliminate unnecessary spending.

Easily integrate with bookkeeping and accounting software

Export fleet card data from your reporting software into standard business bookkeeping and accounting software. Collecting fuel expense data at the time of purchase also helps you understand how changing fuel prices impact
profit margins.

With a fleet card expense reporting is easy, and purchase controls help eliminate unnecessary spending. And with real-time point-of-sale data and an analytics dashboard, financial reporting and bookkeeping are a snap. With a fleet card, you understand what you’re spending on fuel and where.