More businesses than ever are using WEX fleet fuel cards to take control of fuel expenses. Here’s why.

If vehicles play an important role in your business, fuel is probably one of your biggest expenses. No matter how many vehicles you have, the right fleet card can help give you savings beyond the pump.

Smarter than a credit card, safer than cash

If employees already pay for fuel with cash or a company credit card, what’s the big deal?

Cash is easily lost or stolen. You can’t really control over how much is spent at one time, or at which locations.

Credit cards give you basic info like location and purchase amount, but that doesn’t tell you much about your spending. Plus, credit cards are usually swipe-and-go, with no verification before the transaction. If something happens—say, if the card was stolen or someone buys something they shouldn’t—it could be a while before you realize it.

A fleet card adds transparency, security, and control to help keep more of your money in your business, where it belongs.

Business owners’ favorite fleet card benefits

What do business owners appreciate most about their fleet cards? Here are the most popular benefits.

Universal acceptance

The WEX FlexCard and WEX Fleet Card are accepted at almost every U.S. gas station — 95% of them, in fact. This gives employees the flexibility to fill up wherever they need to, without having to drive out of their way to find the right fuel brand or pay out of network fees. They even get a mobile app to find the cheapest nearby fuel.

Easy fuel expense tracking

Automatic online accounting is like letting WEX do the paperwork. Would you rather track expenses automatically, or chase down another lost fuel receipt? The WEX FlexCard and WEX Fleet Card also give you instant access to a variety of spending reports, to view online or download to your bookkeeping software.

Security and control

The WEX FlexCard and WEX Fleet Card require drivers to enter a PIN and odometer reading for every purchase, which increases security and helps curb theft and misuse. It’s also easy to control how your cards can be used, limiting purchases by product type, dollar amount, or even the time of day or week. If someone tries to break the rules, you get a notification.

Payment flexibility

Cash flow demands vary from business to business. Most business choose the WEX Fleet Card, and pay their balance in full each month. Other businesses prefer the revolving credit of the WEX FlexCard, which let’s you to carry a monthly balance to help manage cash flow. Not sure which fleet card is right for you? Call WEX at 1-800-395-0812.

All the little things

WEX fuel cards come with 24/7 U.S.-based customer service. An easy to use web portal. A mobile app to access your fleet card account when you’re not at your desk. These extras make a big difference to business owners, and help them get the most value from their fleet cards.

If you have any questions, check out the Fleet Card FAQ. If you’d rather talk to someone — whether you‘re ready to apply or just gathering info — call 1-800-395-0812.